Privacy Policy

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) in Canada ensures our business communities observe a high standard of care with patrons. In simple terms, this legal mechanism enforces rules for limiting collection of your personal information, retention of any data (1 year maximum), and how people use that data within the corporate environment. We are not a marketing firm, and do not retain or share information unrelated to sales, support histories, security incidents, and commercial documentation. However, if your network is engaged in problematic activities within our community, than network areas may experience access restrictions to our sites or partner services. This is a canary-clause verifying we have never been served official requests to force disclosing a customer's details. Our data-retention policy regularly deletes recorded logs, and does not retain legacy information on the server backup rotations. Hopefully this page answered any questions your team may have been pondering. Best Regards, The Gigglesoft team